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Welcome to the Forum

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Welcome to the Forum

Post by Nyghtstrix on Sun 31 Jul 2016, 11:37 pm

Hello members and guests!

Based on a self made master plan in December 2014, we present:

Created by NyghtStrix and operated by the state administrators

Nsw BBQ meet 2016

The CJ Lancer community has been around since 2008. Over the years, it has grown rapidly around Australia and the world. Lancer owners would get together, show off their pride and joy, share their knowledge and celebrate their passion at cruises. New friendships and even relationships were made across all states in Australia which still exist today. This website aims to bring all the states back together and continue that vision under a new forum culture and structure. This new chapter begins with a reduction in pressure, policies and command from the upper hierarchy. Including newer content and different operational methods. Purely for the purpose of allowing members to feel a little more relaxed & free in their social activities. It is here, we do things a little different and you will see this throughout your Journey through CJRev.Net. Forget everything you know about forums. This is where your journey continues and we are the final destination. 

How does this website work?
You are bringing your existing group operations to the site using the tools provided for you. Your state (like most forums) elect moderators of your choice on a yearly basis and then they are assigned by the administrator. As a start, the existing state moderator(s) of your state group will be elected automatically as they are people you know and respect. In a years time (of assigning date), they will be re-elected. There are other moderator positions available which will vary across states. 

What are some of the benefits for state groups?

Once your moderator(s) has been assigned on the forum you get:

  • Choice of Public forum name and picture e.g VIC CJ. Can be changed anytime requested by Moderators.
    Including a state forum logo of your choice 
  • A "Your group, your rules" approach for each state forum
    Your moderator makes the rules and you can post anything you like under those rules
  • Down the track there will be memberships (allocated to your state) which will allow funding to your activities, vinyls & BBQs.
  • Allowance to still operate your individual state Facebooks outside the forum at your own convenience.
  • A public calendar for all moderators to post events and for all members to view.
  • State vs State, Trivia and Lancer competitions (Near future)
  • Merchandise including mugs, pens, t-shirts and vinyls (Seperately)
  • Participate in group buys (By experienced people)
  • Re-live the phpBB forum experience by talking as a username rather than your real name. That's the fun of forums!

Home Forum - Home forum is simply the general forum. Some of the forums will have standard rules which the site expects of all its members. The home forum includes:

Turbo Forum
National Sponsors and Partners
Social Media

Lastly, be part of history! Working together to validate the Mitsubishi Lancer database
Be part of history rebuild the knowledge of our lancers! Ask questions and validate the database again to build a more up-to-date database of our lancers. There are new exclusive forums such as the Dashcam Forum, Insurance Forum and many new forums for you to expand and share your knowledge. The site was designed to accommodate your needs. 

Topic Consolidation
The administrator and moderators will attempt to consolidate basic questions and answers into 1 post with recognition from those members who contributed. That way people will feel like they have a purpose on the forum and to avoid repeat questions. e.g Coils vs Springs. You will see these topics that marked like this [CJRev.Net - Subject]. These posts will be frequently updated to prevent repeat questions!

Website special Mentions:
Seano - For his support, feedback and being a guinea pig during the making of this site
Jarrad S - For site feedback 
Webhost Staff members - Who supported me during the setup of this forum to achieve its grand look and functionality
Valery L - For bringing the "Who is online" section from the bottom to the top with ease

Mattigans - The guy who started the whole lancer community in 2008 (He is no longer in the community)

Unleash your passion


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