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Standard Forum Rules, Disclaimers, Contracts & Privacy

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Standard Forum Rules, Disclaimers, Contracts & Privacy

Post by Nyghtstrix on Mon 01 Aug 2016, 12:41 pm

Cjrev.Net is all about attempting to meet the needs of our members. Needs could include, ways to share knowledge, helping them, protecting them etc for a better forum experience. However when managing a large scale project, there will always be some kind of rules or policies in place. I know very well indeed that no one likes to be told off or commanded. But I see it as, you can do what you like "as long" as you follow these. Here, we have something called standard rules for the forum. They're standard but not overly excessive and they're common sense which I hope all of you have.

In some areas of the site, there are stricter rules than others, but for obvious reasons.

But overall, all users are expected to use common sense, promote a friendly and supportive environment to all other users and states.

Strictly no bullying - This rule specifically must be strictly adhered to and is STRICTLY prohibited:

  • Intentional verbal or written abuse - Such as targeted name-calling or jokes, or displaying offensive posters. Even if it's indirect scenarios such as "Someone didn't understand what X was...".
  • Violence - Support, physically attack and/or threats of violence
  • Sexual harassment - Unwelcome or unreciprocated conduct of a sexual nature, which could reasonably be expected to cause offence, humiliation or intimidation
  • Homophobia - Hostile behaviour towards members relating to gender and sexuality. (Strongly advised to be done on FB or PM).
  • Discrimination including racial discrimination - Treating people differently because of their race, religion and ethnicity.
  • Cyberbullying - Either online or via mobile phone.
  • Inside Jokes - You are free to use inside jokes ONLY to those who know what you're talking about.
  • Generally, any form of bullying will not be tolerated. If you just can't help yourself, take it outside the forum. 

This is probably the most controversial rule across the world. Many people have different views and opinions of things and express it regardless. It has destroyed many friendships. Unfortunately in most instances we have to "respect" others opinions as they have a right to it. But at the same time, we don't want to hear peoples opinions because it may come across mean or offensive. So what could be done with such a difficult rule as a community? Especially with the flexibility of mods?

We strongly advise that you always think about your opinion before you post.

  • Will it offend?
  • Will it make someone feel bad for their decision?
  • Do I want to be the reason to start a conflict?

Firstly you can consider - "If you have nothing good to say, don't say it"
Secondly you can improve and finish a negative opinion with a positive!
Thirdly refrain from using words like "yuck", "ewww", "That's disgusting"  
Fourthly be light on your opinions. As much as we have a right to an opinion, it's all about how you say it.

"I am the devious, cheeky and naughty type. Will you allow me to be this?"
As said in other posts, you can be devious, cheeky or naughty. As long as you don't purposely offend or bully someone.
It is ideal to leave inside jokes within your own forum and try to be helpful on the home page forum. In this forum, we would like to bring back
an old tradition called the "After 10pm" chat. Have a deep think about what this is and you'll get it!  Cool

To what extent does a member a ban?
It all comes down the individual scenario. It comes down to the impact & severity of what a member has done. At CJRev.Net we would like to be a little bit more tolerant. But, repeated scenarios, constant posting of inappropriate content and other offensive actions may cause a suspension or ban. If you get banned, that means you have done something seriously wrong. Which means most of the time, people will receive suspensions. Banning will also be done via vote in the hidden Moderator Forum therefore that protects everyone from blame. This is why I've promoted a "Your expecatations, my expectations" approach in my personal letter to the community. 

Spamming - Simply if you spam or post inappropriate content you will be warned, suspended or banned depending on the scenario. Appeals are available.

Bullying behaviour - Any direct/indirect harassment or bullying will be monitored and could result in being banned without notice. Appeals are available.

Instigation - If we see multiple scenarios of instigation, you will be contacted and possibly suspended or banned. Appeals are available.

Hooning has a similar reputation to opinions. It's hard to tell people not to hoon because some nights, we do like pushing the limits of our cars. The best thing we can say in this situation is:

"We strongly advise you not to engage in the encouraging or promotion of hoon activities on public streets e.g doughnuts, speeding or other offences that may put others in danger. You are responsible for your own actions and this site does not support or play a part in any hooning activities."

Plus, as a family we do not want to lose anyone nor their licenses. So do yourself a favour and go to a track.

If you are caught trying to promote hooning on the forum, that's a no-no. You will receive warnings but no instant ban. Appeals are available.

Phone pictures while driving
Even though we are not your parents or guardian, as a community we strongly advise you not to take photos while driving. This is because you endanger yourself and others. If you do, you do this at your own risk and we do not take responsibility and play not part in it. Also, some members care enough that they will start a fight over such photos. So please, if you take a photo, do it stationary and not when moving your vehicle. It's because we care! Or simply share it within your own forum if your moderator allows it.

State vs State comments
There will be times during future competitions where States vs each other for prizes etc. As we like to promote a friendly environment, please avoid verbally attacking other states or putting them down. These kind of opinions will not be tolerated and will be removed if reported or seen.

All Moderators are to own a CJ
This is a forum for the Mitsubishi Lancer CJ model. It makes sense that all moderators must own a CJ model so they can lead the CJ race. To someone new, it wouldn't make sense if a Holden was leading a bunch of Mitsubishi's. I'm sure a majority of you agree with this. If the moderator does not own a vehicle but intends to get a lancer, they are still eligible for their position. This includes the administrator.  

Implications of the word 'Inappropriate' 
This word applies to all forums and is not to be used at all times. Where it is mentioned specifically, it's strictly prohibited. The purpose of this section is to ensure members understand what inappropriate means.
- Pornographic or Exposure
- Bullying and Harassment content directed at other users
- Content that brings harm
- Gruesome, Gore and real blood (Car design or vinyl excepted)
- Disturbing imagery or wording
- External links leading to the above

The forum colours are exactly the same as an old forum. Why did you copy them?
When you create a new forum, you choose a theme with colours. No theme is the same unless
it is copied and pasted. This theme 
was not copied and pasted. It was pre-made by someone else unrelated to the forum.
Then I added all the extra bits such as pictures, design and templates.
This theme just happen to be similar to the look I wanted when making the site.

To get these colours it uses the following color panel:

The theme on that former website was made in 2008 where as this theme was created in 2016. The chances 
of getting the same colours is HIGHLY unlikely. I will admit, it is 'similar' but it's not a copy as each color
has a unique code. It does not match the Ralliart color ethier. 

I would also point out, that theme on the older website has been abandoned. 
Adopting this color is suitable for Lancer owners from 2008 to feel at home again. 

CJRev.Net Spiders 

Those who have been part of the Lancer Community for many years know that there are many different types of people who own lancers. It ranges from teenagers to our beloved older lancer veterans. However, it is acknowledged that the demographics of lancer owners are vast. You are to expect that every personality is involved in this forum. You'll have the nice people, the grubs, the egotisticals, the politically correct people and countless other personalities. Some of these personalities will tend to be opinionated and a bit degrading. This behaviour is sometimes uncontrollable because in general, everyone is entitled to their opinion. It is true. But here on the forum, we choose what we think is acceptable. Probably 10% of responses will be degrading or instigation.

CJRev.Net has implemented something called "CJRev.Net" spiders. CJRev.Net spiders are secretly assigned people who are undercover forum users. To the normal user, they are also a normal user, but on the system, they are a spider. This gives them privileges to delete "instigation" posts and arguments without question and do not advise users that they deleted it. Anything that may cause a stir will be removed. This is a new feature of the forum to prevent fights and anarchy. It is something all users will have to accept. 

Accepting the Blacklist
By registering and using the forum, you are to accept that those who are part of the black list are either permanently banned of suspended. If you have any disagreements with anyone in a black list, you are not to post about this or complain about it. If you have any questions or objections for the blacklist, you may contact the admin and something may be sorted. There are people who are in the black list, but we will not disclose the names, numbers nor reasons publicly. Only moderators have access to this information. 

User Privacy
Privacy is very important to people and I understand that as an administrator. I'm happy to inform everyone that they're in safe hands. Administrators and Moderators are under no right to distribute personal information about a member to other members. Such an action will have moderators released from their position. The only information members can find out about you is what you put on your profile upon registration and what you edit in your profile.

What does the Administrator see?
An administrator can see a majority of a users data such IP Address (for banning purposes only). An IP address can be used to show someones location but not exact location. Administrators can also see a members email address for clarifications, emails and announcements. This also includes what you have displayed on your profile. The administrator can also make changes to all aspects of a users site data & appearance including their password. Also which forum a user is browsing. Previously, other administrators were accused of seeing peoples Private messages. The webhost for this website (currently) does not allow administrators to view other members conversations that do not concern them. Basically, I cannot see the PMs that you send someone else. Even if we did, we have no reason to interfere. 

By default, when your birthday is input into the website, it will automatically tell everyone that it is your birthday including your age. If this becomes a problem, action will be taken based on vote. 

Virtual Contract to all members
Any appointed CJRev.Net Administrator solemnly swears that all user accounts are to be treated with care, respect and honour. They will not amend a users "account details" (passwords) without reason or unless requested. They will not commit an action that will greatly impact the way they a user presents themselves on the site. All actions will be for the better good. If the Administrator is to depart from the website in the future, they will hand it IMMEDIATELY to someone who will take care of the forum as opposed to disappearing. The website is its own identity which allows this flexibility. Fail to do this, Administrators will acknowledge the consequences of their actions and reputation to the community.


---------By registering to the forum, you will ACKNOWLEDGE that----------

This forum is NOT about power, retaliation nor political mishaps. It is not classified as a competitor to existing clubs. This is a hub, a tool and a community website where we share, tell stories, support and enjoy each others company with a different method. You may call it a family if you like which is the environment we all love. We are also re-building and validating the Lancer database.

I stress to all users that this forum is no trick, conspiracy or plan to gain power or to take over. It is purely for community purposes and returning back to what the community once was, but this time... under newer culture and with more of your expectations met.

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