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Forum Timeline

Post by Nyghtstrix on Fri 26 Aug 2016, 8:59 am

CjRev.Net Timeline is about key historic moments that occur during it's life time. Basically to Celebrate certain milestones or events. Members names may be used in this section if they did something incredibly amazing such as winning a race under the CJRev.Net or state name.

                                                   Stage 1
       Milstone / Event          
10th June 2016 Website Implmented on Host 1
7th July 2016CjRev.Net domain registered
31st July  2016Website implemented on host 2
12th August 2016Host 2 became the official site
31st August 2016CJRev.Net is 90% Complete
4th September 2016 Logo Design Chosen and downloaded
8th of September 2016Website testing opened to selected persons Seano & Jarrad S
2nd of OctoberLAUNCH DATE
02.10.16                   FizzleFuzzle and VIC CJ - The First Group to sign up to CJRev.Net
02.10.16Seano and ACT CJ - The Second Group to sign up to CJRev.Net

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